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Authorized Training Courses by Lyudmila P. Troyan

In July 2001, a European Congress was held in Moscow where psychotherapists and psychologists took part. They shared their achievements and practical results with the audience.

Many participants were attracted by the speech of S. Grof, a founder of transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy.

Transpersonal experience is extremely important and valuable. By twist of fate, the phenomena of such huge therapeutic potentialities compared to nothing in Western psychiatry are considered to be pathological, and psychiatry tries to inhibit them with drug therapy.

A physician who is not able to accept them because of the philosophical prejudices refuses therapeutic means of enormous power. [S. Grof The Stormy Search for the Self. Second edition, p. 253, transl. from English by N. Papush, and M. Papush, - Moscow: Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Institute of Psychotherapy Publishing House, 2001. - 336 pages, ill.]

At present it is necessary indeed to give a man looking for help a choice of opening possibilities to recover mental and physical health.

Transpersonal psychology and reincarnation approach require the recognition of the fact, that a physical body doesnt limit a complex human organism.


The authorized training course of ECOLOGY of THOUGHT appeared as an integral system that corresponds to scientific principles of modern psychology. This is given as extensive confirmation in L.P.Troyans report Basic Principles of Methodology of Mental Body Teaching at the VIth International Scientific and Practical Conference Ecology of Thought in Evolution of Life on the Earth(Kharkiv, September, 2001).

The base of training course is easily understood both by grown-ups and children. The knowledge is apprehended as easily interlaced with worldly wisdom and gained with force thanks to realizing ones own responsibility for ones health.

Transformation on the level of thought changes health, appearance, as well as family and working relations.

Getting out of the chronic fatigue syndrome gives back cheerfulness, inner joy, and serenity consonant to harmony state with the world around.

Creative aims and dreams come true in this state.

The training course encourages our thoughts work, and as far as we accept the idea that any thought is material, we take responsibility for own thoughts.

We are getting convinced, that our cosmic organism is a complex self-adjusting and self-training system - a physical body and hundreds of conditionally visible, mutually penetrating and interacting bodies.

A mental body or a body of thought is viewed as a central body of the cosmic organism. The proof of the relevance such assumption emerges during the training course.

Can a man who thinks accurately afford a phrase: I want to leave a footprint on the Earth? Our self-adjusting organism immediately switches over to such a direction and one can find an excessive perspiration or other abnormal manifestations. Accepting the hypothesis that we are born and die on the Earth, and are born again, and die again and so on thousands and thousands of times, we ourselves could have given such a direction in a distant previous life and nowadays it has been recollected, and in a new context it sounds destructive. Another example also confirms obviously the force of directions, fears that have emerged in previous incarnations. A boy of four could not speak. For the boys grandmother during the consultation, the initial cause of his silence was discovered as a situation in one of the previous lives, when he was prohibited to disclose a secret under the pain of death. Mental operation - changing the state in definite point of time and space let recover the speech center, and the next day the happy grandmother told how her grandson began to sing a song that hadnt sounded before.

Bite and face symmetry are recovered due to recovering muscle tone disturbed by the result of wish to frighten somebody making terrifying faces in a previous life. Squint, eyelid prolapse, and visual impairment are often connected with ones own directions: I dont want to see Pains in joints, spine and so on also have their definite initial causes, and only individual approach allow to recover health using absolutely safe techniques.

The success of mental operations maintains -thanks to subconscious training of 30 hours course, deepens at an hour consultation included in the course and is fixed due to everyday diary keeping.

The participants responses prove that keeping a diary and a new way of thinking make health a norm of life, and the world around opens its kind and interesting side.

The training course includes the following aspects of Ecology of Thought:

  • More than forty resources of transforming negative emotions into positive ones;
  • Monitoring independent recovery of the state of harmony on the conscious and subconscious levels;
  • Testing ones own and others leading perception of surroundings: in images, sounds, or sensations;
  • Communication law;
  • Similarity law;
  • Thanksgiving law;
  • Ecology of Thought law;
  • Tibet medicine technique;
  • Aim achievement;
  • Values hierarchy;
  • Family psychotherapy;
  • Superficial breathing

and discussing variety of questions.

The groups are to be made of 15 - 30 persons, and as the practice evidenced, the work in a group is highly effective because it is possible to combine it with individual approach, although an individual training has also showed wonderful results.


Authorized Training Course MYSTERIES of SUBCONSCIOUSNESS (12 hrs. + individual consultation) for those who mastered the basic training course Ecology of Thought. The course enables to reestablish consciousness and subconsciousness wholeness.

Diary system express work is done to recover students harmony state, target organ is detected, initial cause is indicated and the result of independent work is checked.

Once the harmony state is reached, consciousness and subconsciousness wholeness of specific individualities in determining time and place of their living, perception of what loving and being loved means to oneself and to others, and realization of family happiness for oneself and other members of family are checked.

An unconscious weight of individual transpersonal experience causes dissatisfaction and inadequate understanding in the family. It gets possible to transform the initial causes to equalize perception of love and creating a common idea of family happiness for a family.

In the course of such work the existence of different priorities of love - receiving love and giving love was discovered. The students of the course transformed their giving love to a priority, where necessary. The course lets own potentiality open to determine the nearest aims, join actively and with awareness the life of a district, city, country on the level of everybodys maximal possibilities of the given period of time. All that let one keep the state of harmony and inner satisfaction.

Ecology of Thought training course

Mysteries of Subconsciousness training course

Information Streams training course

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